Traditional HCMs aren’t keeping up.

The pace of change in today’s workforce is unprecedented. Beyond technology for benefits, payroll, and HR, teams need tools to recruit faster, improve engagement and retention, and gain directional business insights. We challenge leaders to think differently about what an HCM system can do and how it can power all people, not only their HR teams.

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Full-Suite People Technology & Service Solutions


Thoughtful Distinctions that Make Big Impacts

SyncHR’s innovative approach to HCM software — a unique architecture, extensive workflow automations, and intuitive user experiences — is challenging the notion of what people management can and should be.

Position-based Architecture: SyncHR manages position and employee data independently to empower organizations with greater visibility and insights into their workforce.

Time Machine Technology: Extensive effective dating of data elements, including their relationships to other data elements, enables unparalleled automation, data accuracy and visibility into what actually happened at any point in time, or is planned to happen in the future.

Interactive Org Chart: An interactive way to manage the organization, featuring a drag & drop user interface.

Centralized Data Core: Built as a single application for HR, Benefits, Payroll and Reporting. The application was NOT formed gradually through merged disparate systems.

Critical Priorities for
The New World of Work

This is the time to step out of the administrative lane and show executive leaders the real value of People data in capturing a higher employee lifetime value, evolving into a hybrid onsite and online workplace, and remaining agile for all the unknowns of the future.

Each of these important outcomes are basic requirements of the new world of work, and the HCM you choose will enable your success.

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